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Ingenia Tech is a Design, Engineering and Project management firm in the arena of extra low voltage systems (ELV). Ingenia Tech takes care of the tech interior needs providing solutions to suit your requirements. We are distributors, dealers and system integrator for a range of technological pioneers in the industry. We choose our products with giving the user experience the utmost priority. Providing turn key solutions for the technological needs with all types of customization is our forte.

Client Benefits

  • 40%

    Option to Re-Use

    With our door/window, Motion, Lighting Sensors enter a new era in home automation where your rooms detects your presence and turns on and off lights automatically.

  • 33%


    Our smart thermostats can learn fast your habits of using your air conditioner and in just few days it learns from you and puts your a.c in auto-pilot mode.

  • 75%


    High cable tv/dth bills? Buying too many hdd drives for playing your digital media on different TVs. Say Hi to Vizo smart media streaming .

Home Control System

  • Lots of choices
  • Biggest brand names use Z-Wave
  • Interoperable with other Zwave Products
  • Quick and Easy to Installation

Intelligent Living Made Easy

Controls your energy, home security, set activity/scene basis your mood. Automate your existing switches and bring intelligence around you.

  • Lighting
  • Energy
  • Climate Control
  • Elder Care

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